IB Shield FAQs

Which users are getting benefit out of this solution?

    All the retail & corporate customers of bank registered with IBS for net banking services.

Is Site-to-User (Image & Phrase) and Challenge Question mandatory for the user?

    Image & Phrase is mandatory, but enrollment for challenge questions is not mandatory for old users. However, it is mandatory for new users.

What will happen when challenge will be thrown to the user not resitered for Challenge Question?

    When the user is not registered for challenge questions is challenged by the system, he/she will not be able to do the transaction and will have to register for challenge questions first and then re-attempt the transaction.

After how many wrong attempts the customer will be locked?

    The user will be locked out after 3 incorrect attempts

Who is authorized to unlock the customer?

    Only branches are authorized to unlock the user on his/her specific request.