How do I get register to Internet Banking Services?

The eligible customers may get registered for the Internet Banking Services by trying to register through online mode using New User option on Retail Login Page or through branch.

But I do not have an account with PNB?

The Internet Banking Service is available to PNB customers only. We shall be glad to accept you as PNB customer and have your account with us. Walk in to any of our branches for opening of account with us and availing Internet Banking Services.

How do I get User Id and password for the Internet Banking Services?

The user Id for Internet Banking Services is the Customer ID given to customer after account opening.There are two ways of getting Password:
  a) If you try registering the customer ID through branch, the password(s) are sent to the branch and to ensure the highest security and safety, you have to collect your printed password from your base branch. While collecting password from the base branch, please submit the acknowledgement letter duly signed in the branch.
  b) If you try registering online, the Customer ID initially received from branch acts as your User ID and the Password may be set through the registration process.

I am an NRI customer, can I use Internet Banking?

Yes, NRI customers can use Internet Banking.

I am not in India, how do I apply for Internet Banking Services?

If you want to register for Internet Banking while you are outside India, you may go through the following steps:

  • Download the request form from Internet Banking website and fill the same.
  • Submit your request form with a copy of your passport to the branch where you have account(s).

What is my user-id for IBS?

If you are a Retail IBS User, the Customer Id issued by PNB will be your User Id for Internet Banking Services once the facility is activated.
The Customer Id is also mentioned in the 2nd page of your account pass book. You can also ask your branch for the Customer Id/ IBS User id.

Within how many days will I get my password?

If you apply through branch, you may expect the password to reach the branch within 6 working days after giving request at the branch. An SMS is also sent to this effect, if you have provided the mobile number.
If you want your password to be set instantly, you may choose the online mode.