Safety and Security Related

Is Internet Banking secured?

Yes, provided all precautions are taken and safeguards are followed while accessing Internet Banking.

Is it safe to login from Cyber Cafe?

We do not recommend accessing Internet Banking from Cyber Cafe being a public domain, however, in emergent cases, the access from cyber cafe can be done following the precautions/safeguards as under:

  •    Do not use physical keypad for entering password(s). Use dynamic key pad available on the screen.
  •    Please check that no other person is in the vicinity observing your activities.
  •    As far as possible, use only view facility at cyber cafe.
  •    Properly logout before leaving the cafe.

What happens if I do not logout?

Kindly do not leave your system without logging out, as this will give opportunity to others around to operate your accounts.

What is a Dynamic key pad?

Dynamic keypad or virtual keyboard is a software based keyboard available on Internet Banking login screen. Instead of using physical keyboard attached to PC/laptop, user can click on the key buttons on the screen for security reasons.

Is it mandatory to use this onscreen dynamic keyboard for entering details?

No, you can also use physical keyboard to enter the details.

Do I need to use dynamic keyboard to enter all details on the login screen?

No, only password details can be entered using dynamic key board.

When should I use dynamic key board?

The dynamic keyboard should ideally be used at all times, specially when you are logging in from the computer that is not yours or in a public area like cyber cafe.

What are the benefits of using a dynamic keyboard

The dynamic keyboard offers protection to the user from malicious software designed to capture the key strokes. The dynamic keyboard reduces the risks and provides a secured internet banking experience.

Is it not secure to use the regular physical keyboard?

Normal key boards can be used anytime, but it is advisable to use the dynamic key board while accessing from public PC or cyber cafe to ensure security while transacting.

How can I recognize that the web-page is secured?

The URL starts with https://. - The LOCK icon present on the lower right corner of the browser window (in some cases it on the top). You can view the site details by clicking on the lock icon.

What is 128-bit Secure Socket layer (SSL)?

It is a secure session protocol used to encrypt sessions between browsers and the bank servers. SSL provides a secure channel for data transmission over Internet. This assures the Internet Banking users that they are communicating with financial institutions in a secured environment and no third party can intercept the transaction.

What is my role in enhancing security of Internet Banking transaction?

You have an important role in ensuring security of your access to bank accounts over Internet,

  • update you PC with latest anti-virus and operating system patches
  • Install personal firewall and anti-spy to protect your PC from internet attacks
  • Don't reveal your internet banking user-id/passwords or any other personal details
  • Always exit using "Logout" button
  • Keep changing your passwords frequently
  • Always read the online security tips/important message provided on the bank's website
  • Don't leave your Internet Banking Session unattended.

How can I recognize Spam/fake/fraudulent email?

Fraudulent/spam mails would ask for your personal details (like user-id, passwords, card details etc) over an email. It would appear to have been sent by the bank and would promise prizes, jobs etc. Some fake emails would be having links to bank-look alike fake websites. DON'T RESPOND TO SUCH emails.

How can I contact the helpdesk of Internet Banking?

You can contact our Call Centre (Tollfree - 1800 180 2222) or contact IBS helpdesk 011-23765434 e-mail : ibshelpdesk[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in / itdibs[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in