PNB IBS Shield - Our Security Solution for Internet Banking

What is 'PNB-IBS Shield'?

To make your online banking experience more secure, PNB has a best-in-class security solution 'PNB IBS Shield', which is an image and personalized text that is a secret between you and the Bank. Whenever you login with your IBS user Id, our system will show you this image and text so that you can be rest assured that you are accessing our Internet Banking Site and not a look-like phishing site.

How does 'PNB-IBS Shield' work?

The new security solution adds a layer of protection to your online account by letting you know you're at bank's website, and letting us know it's really you trying to access your account.
With 'PNB IBS Shield', PNB's Net Banking login will be a two step process
Screen 1 is where you key-in your IBS user Id
This is done as a security measure. On putting in your IBS user Id, on validation you will be shown an image and phrase that have been personalized by you during registration for 'PNB IBS Shield'.
Screen 2 is for your password
If the personalized image and phrase/text are the ones that you choose while registration, then enter your password.
Important! NEVER enter your password if you do not see your secret image and phrase/text.

Do I need to enroll for the new security solution?

Yes, you need to enroll for the new security solution to have this added layer of protection.

How to enable our IBS Account for this new security solution?

As soon as you login in our IBS website, you will be prompted for enrollment for PNB IBS Shield.

What is 'PNB IBS Shield' Registration Process and How does it work?

PNB IBS Shield works on the basic principle about you remembering / logging on to your Bank's Internet banking site. The PNB IBS Shield registration process covers the following steps.

  • Selecting a Picture from the Choices and categories of pictures offered to you.
  • Entering a phrase/text ("PNB IBS Shield Phrase") that you are able to identify easily and personal to you.