Facilities - Funds Transfer Related

Can I transfer funds between my own accounts/other accounts or to other bank accounts?

Yes, you can transfer funds within your accounts or other accounts within PNB. Funds may be transferred in other banks using RTGS/NEFT option available. These transactions are self serviced transactions and once done cannot be reversed.

How can I transfer funds through Internet Banking?

Transfer of funds is available under the following two options:

  • Self Transfer ( within your own accounts)
  • Transfer/RTGS/NEFT (to other accounts within PNB or other Banks).

  If you have chosen option 1 then you are shown a list of your deposit accounts. You may choose the relevant account and click on Transfer button and confirm the payment by entering transaction password.

  If you have chosen option 2 then you have following options:
  • Transfer to accounts within PNB
  • Transfer to other bank accounts using RTGS (for amount above Rs.200000/-)
  • Transfer to other bank accounts using NEFT (For amount up to Rs.200000/-)

You would be required to register the beneficiary before initiating any transfer of funds in the above scenario. The transfer of funds would be allowed after 24 hours of creation of the payee/beneficiary.

All transfer of funds is to be confirmed by using transaction password.

Can I transfer funds to loan Accounts?

Online transfer of funds to loan account is not available.

Do I get alerts on my mobile, once I do transactions through Internet?

Yes, if you have registered for SMS Alert facility, you will get SMS alerts for all transaction done using Internet Banking.

Do I get alert when I change my Transaction Password?

Yes, if you are availing SMS Alert facility.