Facilities - Account Related

What are the facilities/services available through Internet Banking?

Access to accounts ( statement of account, quick view, account details)

  • Transfer of Funds ( with in Bank and in other Banks accounts)
  • Cheque Status, Online Stop payment of Cheques
  • Requests (cheque book issuance, statement of account, FD etc)
  • Mails (between customer and PNB only)
  • Customize- change passwords etc.
  • Payments towards services availed over Internet

I want to add more accounts in Internet banking services.

Accounts maintained by you in any of our branches can be attached to your existing Internet Banking Services. You may submit your request at branch where you have account. Standard format for this request is also available on the login page under "Add more Accounts".

Can I access my accounts when I am out of Station?

Yes, you can access your accounts from anywhere and at any time provided necessary Internet access is available with you.

I am getting a message "You are viewing this page due to the following reasons" while I am working on the Internet Banking site.

The error is due to following reasons:

  • It is likely that your system has been idle for long.
  • It is also possible that your Internet connection is slow and the session gets timed out.

Can I save my account statement on my PC?

Yes, you can save the account information downloaded through Internet Banking on your PC.

Whether I can use the Mail option of Internet Banking for sending mails to other than Bank?

No, this option allows you to communicate with branch. You cannot communicate with any other external email-ids.

I have made an ATM transaction but same is not reflected on the page after login?

The page after login shows the last updated balance, for viewing the current balance click on the account for online details.

What are the other services available through Internet Banking

The Internet Banking facility, besides providing access to accounts allows you to make payment towards the following:

  • Railway/Airline Tickets
  • Hotel/travel booking
  • Govt. Taxes/duties
  • Subscriptions/donations/premium payments
  • Utility bill payments like mobile, telephone, electricity, water etc.

What are the charges for these services?

Presently, Internet Banking services are available for free. However, services charges as levied for transfer to other accounts (within Bank or other banks) would be charged as applicable. As regards payment towards services availed over Internet, Bank will not charge anything, However, Service provider may levy charges.

I have accounts in 2 branches of Bank should I have separate user ids?

You may have different accounts, in case the customer-id of the accounts is same, then all accounts would be displayed automatically under the single Internet Banking user id. However, in case accounts are with different customer ids, you may request for attaching these accounts to your existing Internet Banking user id.

Can I have 2 user ids?

In case the accounts are in the same name, it is better to have a single user id so that all accounts can be monitored under single window. However, separate user-ids be taken in the event of joint accounts.