Bulk Transfers – Related

I am not able to upload the file after login?

Old file format will not be accepted in the new version for NEFT /RTGS bulk upload. New format is available in bulkfile file upload>upload file>NEFT/RTGS bulk upload>Download Sample formats.

While uploading a file, error is showing as "The Amount entered in the screen is not equal to the amount (debit amount)?

Kindly enter the correct amount which is mentioned in the file.

While uploading a file, error showing "File Processing Date should be either current or future date"

System will not allow uploading on previous date. Kindly select the current date or future date for transaction.

While uploading salary file error showing "Records contain less than fields expected".

File format is not correct. Kindly upload the correct file format which is available in bulk File -> File upload -> upload file -> NEFT/RTGS bulk upload -> Download Sample formats

While uploading salary file warning is showing that same name /same contents are already uploaded?

You are trying to upload a file while was already uploaded if user wants to re-upload the same file in the same day or another day its is acceptable but with a warning message.